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Who we are...

JDF_GLOBAL is a brand that represents the business activities of José Duarte Ferreira through the legal entity of Personal Entreprise with Organized Accounting. In addition to all the core competencies, the activities may operate under a 'business agency' model with the best talents and are optimized and structured to work on a direct supply basis to the end customer, both nationally and internationally, with fundamental values of Quality, Honesty, Solutions, and Loyalty.

Throughout the journey of JDF_GLOBAL, complementary areas have been created to provide a comprehensive offering. In 2023 and 2024, our strategy is to develop the Sustainability ESG consulting area and continue the evolution process through the 'ONE ENTERPRISE' spirit.


What we offer...

Embracing ESG Consulting

JDF_Global has a rich history of innovation, commitment to excellence, and a steadfast dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our clients and the global business landscape. As we embark on a new chapter, we are excited to announce the expansion of our services to include a specialized area focused on ESG consulting.

Over the years, we have witnessed a transformative shift in the way businesses operate, with an increasing recognition that sustainable and responsible business practices are not only essential for the planet but also critical for long-term success. In response to this changing landscape, we are proud to introduce our ESG consulting services, designed to empower organizations to navigate the complex challenges and opportunities presented by environmental, social, and governance considerations.

What is ESG?

ESG refers to the three central factors that measure the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment or business. Environmental criteria evaluate a company's impact on the planet, social criteria assess its relationships with employees, communities, and customers, while governance examines the company's leadership, controls, and shareholder rights.

Why ESG Consulting Matters:

In an era where corporate responsibility is paramount, our ESG consulting services provide a strategic framework for companies looking to integrate sustainability into their core business practices. Whether you are a seasoned sustainability leader or just beginning your ESG journey, our expert consultants are equipped to guide you through the intricacies of sustainable business, helping you make informed decisions that align with your values and business goals.

Our Approach:

At JDF_Global, our approach to ESG consulting is rooted in collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to creating positive, lasting change. We leverage our deep industry expertise and understanding of global sustainability trends to tailor solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities facing your organization.

As we launch this new phase of our journey, we remain dedicated to the principles that have defined us throughout our history: integrity, excellence, and a passion for helping our clients thrive. Together, let's shape a more sustainable future for your business and the world.

Welcome to the future of sustainable success with JDF_Global.


Founder & CEO

José Duarte Ferreira
José Duarte FerreiraCEO JDF_Global | Marketing & Strategy MD, High Growth Firms Management MC, ESG Sustainability & Strategy WP, Automotive Business Specialist

Results-driven professional with a strong background in management and leadership, specializing in consultancy and training projects. Expertise in the automotive sector, web solutions, media, and efficient management of property and rural tourism units.

Proven success in leading large-scale projects by setting clear goals, implementing strategic steps, and managing diverse teams effectively. Skilled in identifying market opportunities and creating operational success through innovative marketing and sales strategies.

Known for analytical and imaginative thinking, excelling in disruptive solution identification. Leadership methodology proven through the formation and development of high-performance teams, fostering a collaborative and success-oriented environment. Extensive knowledge in import and distribution, particularly in the retail context, providing a comprehensive perspective on specific sectors.

Completed a Master's in Marketing and Strategy with research in ESG Sustainability and Strategy. Aspiring to pioneer a new core area in ESG Sustainability consulting, emphasizing the enhancement of companies' competitive advantages. Eager for new challenges to contribute significantly to the success of future projects.

Education and Credentials

Marketing & Strategy, Master´s Degree

ESG Sustainability & Strategy, Work Project
Nova SBE [Carcavelos | Portugal]

High Growth Firms Management, Master´s Class

FDC - Fundação Dom Cabral [Minas Gerais | Brasil]

Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor´s Degree

Instituto Superior Engenharia Lisboa [Lisbon | Portugal]

Machinery Engineering, Technical Bachelor´s Degree

Instituto Militar dos Pupilos do Exército [Lisbon | Portugal]

Experience and Key Achivements

CEO JDF_Global | Marketing & Strategy MD, High Growth Firms Management MC, ESG Sustainability & Strategy WP, Automotive Business Specialist


Leadership, implementation, and operational management of various operations at JDF_Global, encompassing ESG sustainability consulting, automotive consulting and training, development of portals and websites, production of corporate videos and technical tutorials, and family-owned properties, including two rural tourism units in Alentejo.
Client acquisition, management, follow-up, and retention in the areas of consulting, tourism, and IT development (web & media).
Development and implementation of strategic and marketing plans dedicated to different business areas of JDF_Global.



Developed a matrix of behavioral profiles, both personal and organizational, at the company's interface with the client, as the author of the internationally registered "happy customer" project.
As an entrepreneur, initiated projects for the three largest automotive brands/groups in Portugal, spanning various areas of training and consulting, with a focus on marketing, corporate sales, and light commercial vehicle business.
Implemented digital operations, designing and developing portals, websites, and IT solutions for major companies in the market, such as OPEL PORTUGAL, MAMAHELP, and others. Currently launching portals like www.agelessjobs.pt in the human resources field and in the local business development sector.
Developed a business structure in the tourism sector, restoring traditional properties in a village in Alentejo (www.casadospaquetes.com) to operate as rural tourism units.


2013 – Present


JDF_Global - Lisbon, Portugal

Author | Speaker | Trainer | Consultant


Trainer and consultant specializing in the automotive business, with a focus on new vehicle presentations, sales team training, and after-sales team training. Demonstrated capability in developing effective training projects, directly catering to end clients (importers), aligned with the specific needs of their respective automotive dealer´s network. Actively contributed to team development by promoting various levels of knowledge, best sales practices, and excellence in after-sales service.


  • Customer Marketing – Commercial network
  • Service Protection (Maintenance Contracts and Warranties) – APV Managers – Receptionists
  • Commercial Vehicles – Sales Managers – Salespersons
  • Commercial Prospecting – Sales Managers – Salespersons
  • Aftersales Methods – APV Managers – Receptionists
  • Commercial Methods – Sales Managers – Salespersons
  • Legal Aspects of Automotive Business – Importer – APV Managers – Receptionists
  • Warranties – APV Managers – Receptionists
  • Legislation and the Dealership – Importer– APV Managers – Receptionists – Warranty Admin
  • After-Sales Marketing – Receptionists
  • Business-to-Business Management and Taxation – Sales Managers – Salespersons
  • New Vehicle Presentation and Delivery – Network
  • Brand Vehicle Range – Auto Show
  • Customer Contact Skills – Salespersons
  • Used Vehicles, Brand Academy – Salespersons
  • Master Trainer Nissan Leaf – Nissan Europe (Lisbon).

2002 – 2013


JDF Consulting

Aftersales Director


As the After Sales Director at Daewoo Portugal within the Santogal Group, I played a highly involved role in the strategic and operational management of the brand's after-sales business in the national territory. The following areas were structurally developed:

  • Managed the fleet of Daewoo vehicles in Portugal, ensuring efficiency and quality in after-sales services, considering warranty budgets, the need for service campaigns, and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Directed the development and after-sales operations in a growing network of Daewoo dealerships, promoting service excellence and adherence to the highest quality standards.
  • Managed and developed the national parts business, including the effective integration of the national parts warehouse, ensuring an efficient supply chain, necessary profitability, and an agile response to customer needs.


Successfully developed a network of 35 new after-sales structures nationwide, optimizing coverage and enhancing the brand implementation and accessibility for customers.
Compiled a comprehensive brand image and methods dossier for after-sales structures, ensuring uniformity and consistency in service offerings.
Established an After-Sales Training Center recognized as a reference within the brand at the European level, promoting continuous training and the development of team skills.
Faced with the brand's growth in the national territory, conceptualized and implemented an after-sales structure at the importer level to provide essential support to the dealership network. This included the following departments: Technical Services and Homologations; Warranties; Training Center; Customer Relations; Network Support.
Represented as a speaker at various international meetings of the Daewoo brand, addressing relevant topics and contributing to the exchange of knowledge.


The Daewoo brand preceded the Chevrolet brand in Europe.


1997 – 2002


Daewoo Portugal, Santogal Group

Managing Director


As the Managing Director of Portelcar, a Mazda dealership in the Lisbon area, I assumed responsibilities that spanned a variety of areas, from formulating the strategic vision and setting goals to the daily supervision of operations, ensuring high standards of service and operational procedures. I identified growth opportunities and worked closely with teams to drive results.
I conducted recruitment, training, and team oversight processes, fostering a culture of high performance in both results and customer interface efficiency.
Based on overseeing the company's budget and analyzing financial reports, I made strategic decisions to achieve all set objectives. I built and maintained solid relationships with different departments of the Mazda Importer in Portugal, implementing the necessary brand guidelines and standards at the dealership.



Successfully led the restructuring after merging with another dealership of a different brand.
Initiated operations at new facilities, marking a new phase for the dealership in a growth scenario.
Set strategic objectives focused on continuous pursuit of operational excellence, customer satisfaction, and sustainable business growth.


1996 – 1997


Portelcar Mazda, Santogal Group

Zone Manager


I assumed the role of Zone Manager at Renault Portuguesa, undertaking a multifaceted and strategic position with responsibility for covering the Central Lisbon territory. My role encompassed various critical areas, from managing sales of new and used vehicles to ensuring the quality of aftersales service at Renault dealerships within my designated area. Key responsibilities included:

  • Setting management objectives for sales of new vehicles, purchases of parts and accessories, and service quality for Renault dealerships in my supervisory area.
  • Ensuring strict compliance with Renault brand standards, covering commercial facilities, aftersales, area requirements, image, location, and the secondary network.
  • Managing the territorial coverage of each dealership, overseeing the agent network, and optimizing corresponding commercial and aftersales performance.
  • Ensuring compliance with warranty budgets for each dealership and effectively resolving customer complaints.
  • Implementing central brand marketing campaigns and developing local initiatives at dealerships.
  • Actively supporting and overseeing major fleet deals, contributing to their success.



Successfully achieved set objectives, notable for careful management that ensured the viability of specific situations and the retention of initial dealerships.



This role was integrated into the commercial management of Renault Portuguesa.


1995 – 1996


Renault Portuguesa, Lisbon, Portugal



A journey traveled with exceptional clients...



The consulting and training projects were developed and delivered in specific contexts or with the support of partners, for distributer structures and dealers network structures, in various areas such as legislation, warranties, methodologies and work attitudes, B2B sales, new product launches, active selling, customer management and loyalty, leadership, and motivation, among others.

My gratitude goes to all clients, partners, and trainees for the demonstrated professionalism and the way they created the conditions for all of the over 100 projects developed over the past 15 years. Those projects have resulted in considerable success and have contributed to achieving the defined objectives.


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